Sing me a Song of a Lass that is gone, Say could that Lass be I?

Published on 30 May 2023 at 02:44

Ferry bound towards the Highlands … 

    Today was all about experiencing the amazing land of Scotland. Our drive included many pit stops to get out and explore and admire the beautiful land. There really are no words. So pictures will be the main topic of today’s post. 

     We did do a swing by of our Castle and plot of land - unfortunately we could not see the castle from where you parked, and just took photos by the sign. Next time, we will work in the time and schedule a visit. 

     We basically just explored all day, making a lunch stop at a quaint old church-turned-pub called the Slainj that was delish, very Scottish, and allowed to take in our yet again perfect weather day!  We have been blessed from the weather Gods as we could not ask for more perfect blue skies, sunshine, and perfect temperatures. 

     Last night was a stay in Fort William and today’s journey includes the ‘Harry Potter Train’ aka The Jacobite.  I am looking forward to sitting back and letting someone else take the wheel - or in this case ‘train tracks’ to do the driving and I get to enjoy. Our 1/2 way point is at the seaport of Maillag where we have some time to briefly explore, perhaps have some fish and chips, and glance over at the Isle of Skye. (This for sure is going to be on my agenda next time - I wish we had more time for it.) 

     The driving continues to go okay- the roads here are obviously very narrow, twisty turny and outside of one mishap when my tire went off the road on the left (to a very exclaiming son, I might add..) we are trooping through. I think I’m doing quite well, to be honest.  I am looking forward to our day, and will leave you with many beautiful pictures of this incredible land. 

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