If Everything in Life could be as good as this….

Published on 26 May 2023 at 15:53

     As I sit here this evening gazing out at this amazing view, there are some tears in my eyes. I have dreamed of coming to this area for so many years. Our time here was definitely too short. We would have liked to do several more things and not feel like we would have had to rush through them. So instead, we took in what we could and enjoyed the atmosphere. We were able to enjoy the nature and beauty of the country, seeing some sheep, a deer, and some pheasant. Stopped in several towns to admire all of the stone architecture and beautiful gardens. The boys did a tour of the Motor Museum, and I snuck away for an afternoon cream tea and scone. It was heavenly!  I also visited with a gentleman who has been traveling with his wife through Europe for the last 5 weeks. He was from Oregon, but had been born and grew up near St. Louis. He even had family in Moline! Such a small small world. We have definitely enjoyed interacting with other travelers and learning about their explorations as well. 

     Our evening back at the cottage included a delicious dinner cooked by Cody. In true Reitan fashion, dinner is ready when the fire alarm goes off - the kid does not fall far from the tree… takes after his mama. In his defense, ventilation is not ideal. He made ‘smash burgers’ with bacon and cheese and they were perfect. 

     A relaxing bath with the hosts decadent herbal bath products provided a relief from the days driving adventures. While it is getting easier, I can tell you the roundabouts make me feel like Clark Griswold in ‘European Vacation’ … “Hey kids, there’s Big Ben, Parliament…”.   “Kids, there’s Big Ben & Parliament!”   “Hey Kids, did you see Big Ben, & Parliament….” Cody and I are slowly getting into a groove of navigator and driver. He did get a bit overcome by the curvy roads today. Tomorrow’s driving should be more ‘highway based’ which will be a nice reprieve. Then we get to park the car for two days and it’s back to walking. 

     As we close out this part of our trip, I am truly sad to leave. We have all immensely enjoyed the country quiet and some down time. The weather has been beyond perfect - and we know we have been blessed with perfect temperatures and sunny skies. As we continue to head more north, I am sure we will finally experience some of the rain this country is so famous for. 

     In the morning we head to Liverpool - and it’s all about the Beatles.

     So on that note, I will LET IT BE… until we COME TOGETHER again. IT WON’T BE LONG…

          ALL MY LOVING ~ Tracy





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