Packing has Begun…

Published on 13 May 2023 at 21:22

     And so the fun part of travel has begun… packing! In reality, I have been getting my things together for weeks. Christmas this past year consisted of all things trip related: power plug converters, packing cubes, passport holders, and of course appropriate rain coats. I’ve been trying to make sure we all have travel ready clothes, travel bags, travel sized toiletries, and we also got new lighter / easier to roll luggage. And did I mention appropriate shoes? Oh the shoe saga - which has been going on for months… do allow me to share…

     To start off with so you have some historical perspective, in January 2020, I had a total right knee replacement. I thought I would do one knee after the other, but after the recovery, I decided I could hold off a bit before having my left knee done. It’s definitely been a question for me on if I should have done it prior to the trip, but to be honest, I’ve been doing pretty well with it. I’ve managed it with cortisone shots, lots of walking, and some weight loss. And honestly, it is not near as bad as the right was. Once we decided to schedule our trip, my search for the perfect ‘miracle shoes’ began, because we will be doing a lot of walking, and let’s face it ~ I’m not 20 years old anymore. That's not asking much, right? Shoes that will make me feel energized, and ready to go day after day (you know, like I AM 20 years old again)!  Just a 'small miracle'!! My co-workers will attest the search for the perfect shoe has been a mighty and thorough one.  I did my research online reading review after review for what were considered the top walking shoes around. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it isn’t as easy as walking into a store to try them out since there really aren’t many stores that have big selections anymore. So I ordered several pairs online to try them out. After multiple trials, and Greg exclaiming “You got another pair of shoes in the mail!” I am happy to share I am confident I have found a solid choice. The winning shoe is called ‘Strole’ and I have been testing them out for weeks. However, as if the search itself wasn't enough of 'to do'... after I had them about 4 weeks - they started squeaking when I walked. Now, if I am outside, you can't hear them, but given I work in a very quiet office space, they sound like a major squawk!  But - I am happy to say, the company was kind enough to send me a second pair.  And now I do think I am ready to roll! The shoe drama HAS been real, though!  As my co-worker always says ..."First World Problems!!"  Time will tell, but I am feeling very optimistic.  In addition, we as a family all went and got new hiking boots as well so we will be ready to walk through the English countryside, the Scottish Highlands, and along the coast.

     Next on my search for the perfect travel item is what book do I want to take to read on the plane? Those who know me well, know how important it is for me to have the perfect book companion to have along on my dream trip. I’m an avid reader, and have spent many hours reading in preparation for this trip. Lots of historical fiction that takes place in the UK, as well as some non-fiction history so I can have a solid knowledge base before I get there. I definitely want something that will capture my interest and be a real page turner. I’ll be so excited on the flight over, I need something to keep my occupied. This may sound silly to some, but a perfect vacation read is always a top priority for me. I believe I have it narrowed down. The book for the trip there will be ‘The Housemaid’ by Frieda McFadden. I’ve heard it’s a thriller/page turner, it's a fluff read and I’ll probably have it finished before we arrive ~ which is my main focus!  After that, I am pretty sure I will dive into book 9 of the Outlander series. What better book to end each of my days over there than the book that prompted this trip to Scotland! Jamie - here I come! <3.   

     The main purpose of this post, other than to let you know of my packing trials and tribulations - was really to test out the ease of using my small wireless keyboard along with my iPad to ensure I will be able to easily post about our adventures. I am happy to say it has been pretty smooth sailing and I now feel prepared for sharing our stories.

     As I close out this brief entry - I will share a quote I read in a birthday gift from Cody, “The Five Minute Journal.” It’s a daily journal that helps a person focus on things they are grateful for, what will make the day great, daily affirmations, and something we learned each day. It’s a positive way to create a better day each and every day. (By the way - it is working!) In the book, it describes a study found that people who simply thought about watching their favorite funny movie actually increased their endorphin levels by 27 percent.  “The most enjoyable part of an activity is often the anticipation.” I found that sentence to be so telling in my anticipation of this trip. I have tried to rejoice in the anticipation for this trip over the past 14 months. It still doesn’t seem real, but I can definitely feel the increase in the anticipation. Soon, my friends… very soon !

Until next time ~ Slainte!

    Lady Tracy….


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