Coronation Weekend

Published on 5 May 2023 at 13:10

     As our trip looms closer and closer, I am sure you can all imagine my excitment level about the upcoming Coronation.  When we first started planning our trip, picked the dates and booked the flights - I figured the odds of our arrival day being the same as the Coronation were pretty high. All of the information I read indicated it would be held in May. I am relieved that we do not have to navigate through all of the hoopla and crowds as we acclimate to the city of London. The fact that it is being held just two weeks prior to our arrival, however, has definitely added to the excitement level. I have my fascinator all ready to perch on top of my head at 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning as I settle in, teacup in hand, to take in every minute of the pagentry. This is the stuff I live for! Over the years I have watched the Princess Di/Charles wedding, Princess Di funeral, Will/Kate wedding, Harry/Meghan wedding, and the Queens funeral. I certainly am not going to miss this historical event! My mom remembers watching Queen Elizabeth's coronation - the first ever televised coronation. It was broadcast in black and white, and probably did not involve the weeks long 'pre-shows' and social media commentary we have in this day and age. I plan to take it all in, and know this is another chapter of history I feel lucky to witness. 

     Where exactly does my fascination with the Royals come from? I can't really tell you as I am not sure. It's just one of those things I am fascinated with. Perhaps it's the typical little girl excitement of princess fairy tales. Perhaps it was the huge excitement when Charles and Di got engaged and knowing it was the wedding of a generation - a real life fairy tale playing out in front of our eyes. Of course, we all know how that turned out. But that also helped to make them human. These 'royals' have problems just like the rest of us 'peasants' - and actually they have to worry about things we should be thankful we don't have to deal with. Reading of their goings on is a fun escape from the reality of our daily normal lives. It's real life drama. I will never apologize for my fascination with it. Life is short - enjoy the things you find joy in! 

     This is not a big surprise, but I subscribe to 'Brit Box'. If you enjoy british dramas, it's a must streaming service! All of those good 'Jane Austin' epic tales come to life, british crime drama, british comedy's... they have it all. They have been showing a daily 'Coronation' pre-show every day this week. Quick 15 minute stories about all things related to the Coronation. Fun Fact #1: the gold carriage in which King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla (and yes - it does pain me a little to type those three words together - still Team Diana!) will ride in the procession towards the palace has been used in every coronation since 1831, and considered priceless. However, it is apparently god-awful uncomfortable. Queen Elizabeth disliked riding it immensely as it made her nauseous! Not a smooth ride at all, but it looks great in pictures! So when you see them riding along in that carriage - remember how incredibly uncomfortable they are feeling and maybe it won't make you quite so envious.

     Fun Fact #2 - Coronations have been held at Westminster Abbey for 950 years. It is hard to fathom a place that has been around for that much history. I think that is one of the things that fascinates me about going to Europe - the age of so many of their historical sites. Think about it...our country is officially only 247 years old. Westminster Abbey has been around and used for 700 years longer than America has been in existence. Our 'old historical sites' don't even come close to what we will see in Europe. It completely blows my mind. Apparently many Europeans enjoy coming to America because everything is so new - while we enjoy going there to see everything that is so old. Age old 'grass is always greener...' 

     So, as I snuggle in for an early bed-time tonight, I will have visions of crowns, sceptres, and orbs dancing in my head. I will arise before the sun tomorrow and gape at all of the excitement, pomp and circumstance - knowing that in just two weeks, I will literally be standing in those spots. It's still surreal. 


Until next time ~ 

     Lady Tracy


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